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On September 15, 2021 Governor Pritzker signed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (Public Act 102-0662). This Act will include significant changes to the Adjustable Block/Illinois Shines program, including the reopening of the program within 90 days (December 14, 2021). The IPA and the Program Administrator will provide updates on these programmatic changes and the process of reopening the program as they develop.

Illinois Shines is the brand name for the Adjustable Block Program—a state-administered incentive program supporting the development of new solar energy generation in Illinois.
You may participate in Illinois Shines in one of two ways:
  1. You may host a new solar photovoltaic system on your rooftop or on your property, directly offsetting your energy usage; or
  2. You may participate as a subscriber to a community solar project—a large, centralized solar project for which you “subscribe” to a share of its output.
Whether you are planning to install solar on your property or subscribe to a community solar project, you must work with an Approved Vendor who will either submit your solar system to the Program or register your community solar subscription with an already established Community Solar project in the Program. The Program provides payments in exchange for 15 years of Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) from a utility contracted to buy the RECs from your Approved Vendor. These payments to your Approved Vendor will help offset the cost of your new PV system or your community solar subscription. Participating in Illinois Shines means you play an important role in helping the State meet its renewable energy goals.

                                    If you would like to learn more, please visit
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Link to Illinois Shines Brochure

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